Adventures Through Maine!

Our second stop in New England was New Hampshire. My Mom and her fiancé, Doug, live there, so we spent time catching up with them, celebrating my Mom’s birthday, and brunching through Easter Sunday. Luckily, they have a nice long driveway, so we were able to park the RV right in front of the house.

Leaving Harvey The RV behind, we packed up some clothes and the dogs and headed North to Maine for a few days. Our goal was to find the best lobster in the state! Once we passed Portland, we hopped off the highway and onto Route 1, where we could follow the coastline three more hours north. Driving through the adorable towns of Rockland, Rockport, and Camden, we spotted buds starting to come out on the trees, and sailboats getting anchored back into the bay.

We also noticed that all the lobster traps were still on land….

We kept our hopes up as we drove into Bar Harbor, located on Mt. Desert Island. After settling into our hotel, we drove through town in search for some food. Thinking that it was April and springtime, we assumed there would be shops and restaurants open, with people out enjoying the 50 degree temps! But no, we had a choice of only TWO restaurants, and the town was quite deserted. Our California mindset clouded the fact that New England still has seasons… and that many touristy towns don’t come alive until Memorial Day Weekend.

The next day we explored Acadia National Park. It was wonderful to be driving through the woods, while sneaking peeks of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. We bopped through the park, stopping at Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Jordan Pond, and Eagle Lake.

While getting lake footage with the drone, we picked up conversation with a local. Fly-fishing knee deep in the lake, he told us how much he loves coastal Maine, especially Bar Harbor. He and his wife own a flower shop in the area and have been living here for almost 20 years. He mentioned that being here in the off-season is the best time, as the summer tourist season has exploded over the past few years. Cruise ships now dock at Bar Harbor, bringing in thousands of people at a time, in addition to the normal tourist numbers, causing grid lock throughout the town. He wishes he could go back to the days of enjoying the quieter summer season, while still being able to get through town to park at the grocery store.

While Josh and I had been irritated that nothing was open in town, talking with this fly-fisherman reminded us to appreciate the beauty of the park in it’s pre-season state.

We drove all around Mt. Desert Island the following day, exploring Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, stopping in Southwest Harbor, and walking by stacks and stacks of lobster traps. The perk of pre-season was being able to drive down private roads, knowing the rental properties were vacant. We peered out at some of those vacant houses, dreaming of living that close to the ocean! A realtor happened to be at one property, and toured us through one of the newest homes. One day, we thought, one day…


We headed out of Maine, slightly disappointed from the lack of activity, but with a plan to return in October for the changing of the leaves!