Boondocking in Glacier National Park!

We happened to arrive in Glacier National Park on Memorial Day Weekend. Intending to boondock, we quickly realized that wasn’t an option, as everyone had already reserved and found their camping spots for the weekend. We stayed at North America RV Park just outside Glacier National, knowing that all the campers would leave Monday after the holiday weekend, and any spot could be ours!

The owners of the North American RV Park were wonderful, offering a wealth of knowledge about the area. We spent two nights there, while we scouted out different boondocking locations. Some, we realized, would definitely not fit our rig. After looking at six locations, we narrowed it down to two, Emery Bay and Abbot Bay. Abbot Bay was located at a smaller boat launch area, so we figured not many people would choose this spot, compared to larger, Emery Bay. People sprinkled in and out during the day to boat and fish, but other than that, we had the place to ourselves.

With several sunny, 80 degree-days, we spent time kayaking, riding the motorcycles, and letting the dogs wade and swim in the lake. Since we were much more North, the sun didn’t set until 9:30 p.m., which was new for us! The only downside was the mosquitos. They were manageable during the day, but once it hit 7:00 p.m., they all woke up from their naps and were on the hunt. Our campfire didn’t even keep them at bay, but we covered up with tall socks and long sleeve shirts and did our best.

We stayed at that spot for 5 days. No cell service. No Wi-Fi. Just the lake, sun, mountains, and trees!