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  • Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder 12.5ft

    So this is an interesting one. I bought my first ladder for the RV before I even owned an RV.  If I see something that’s versatile, heavy duty, and strong, I know I’ll find a use for it.  So what did I do?  I went out and bought it.

    Now I didn’t have anyone to tell me how utterly stupid that purchase was at the time.  Not only is it WAY too big for an RV but it was heavy too!  My thought process behind it was I wanted something I could use to get to the top of our rig. Or if we were trapped by some low branches, we could use the ladder to cut them down.

    But sometimes “simple” is just better and definitely more realistic.

    I way happier with our new Telescoping ladder, as it does everything the old one did at a fraction of the weight and way less space!


    • Compact
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Lots of random uses


    • Not as sturdy as a traditional 4 legged ladder

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  • Andersen Ultimate Hitch

    While some people don’t trust these hitches because of old school ways, I absolutely love my hitch.  Not only is it strong and works amazing, but its lightweight! Another added HUGE benefit is if you for some reason forget to ‘lock’ the ball it can’t / won’t fall out of its lock and crush your truck bed like a normal hitch would.

    With three bolts loosened and a pin removed I can take the hitch out of my truck bed all by myself. Within 2 minutes!

    I love being able to have the option to remove my hitch by myself and load up the bed of the truck for a day of adventure at a moment’s notice.

    And not only that, Anderson stands behind their hitches and parts without question.

    Buy From Amazon – Andersen Ultimate Hitch

  • Apple iPad for Navigation

    Now I know what you’re thinking… why the heck would we put an iPad in the truck?  Play video games? Watch movies?  Nope! Those are side benefits yes, but not the main purpose.  We use our 12.9” iPad for navigation mainly.  Why spend 500 for a Garmin GPS when you can spend a little more and get a screen that is 6x larger.  When I’m driving I HATE getting lost or not knowing where I’m going, so I figured out a way to fix that problem.

    The best part is while I’m driving, Laura can also look at the cook book apps we have and start planning our grocery list before we even get to our spot.  We also use a variety of “truck stop” or weather apps. Another benefit is we have an Arlo security system setup on our rig.  That way we can log into that and check the inside of rig whether it’s the garage or the living area.


    • Large screen
    • Can use for multiple purposes
    • Great battery life


    • Expensive compared to a GPS
    • Takes up space in vehicle

    We paired the iPad with a vehicle stand so we can swivel it and customize exactly where we want it located.  It’s heavy duty and far better than most of the cheap plastic items out there.

    One VERY important thing to note is you need to get the cellular / GPS version.  If you do not get that model it will not track your GPS position correctly. I had first bought a Wifi one and planned on tethering to my phone to piggy back its GPS signal, unfortunately that didn’t work at all.

    I took screenshots of our iPad so you can see what apps we use, if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us.

    Buy From Amazon iPad 12.9″
    Buy From Amazon iPad 9.4″
    Buy From Amazon iPad Holder

  • Arlo Security System

    I tend to approach living in a trailer like I would my own regular home.  That means that I want to monitor it whether we are driving down the road, out on a hike, or out running errands. While on the road, you can use Arlo to make sure things haven’t fallen over in the rig. If out for a hike for an extended period of time, or even running errands, you can log in via the Arlo app and check on the rig or pets inside and make sure everything’s all right. We have two cameras setup for the inside and two cameras setup outside at this time. We are considering adding a third on the outside to see the opposite side of the rig as well.


    • Weatherproof
    • Great resolution on videos
    • Customizable options for security setup. (GeoFencing, Motion Detection, Live only)
    • Completely Wireless


    • Battery life can go quick if you have a high motion detection setting
    • Need a router and internet connection for this setup to work
    • Somewhat expensive

    Where we have ours:  (They stay here even while we are on the road)

    • Living Room
    • Garage
    • Roof facing back ramp
    • Roof facing front door

    Technical Information:

    Arlo works via a home base station that plugs into a router with internet connectivity.  It’s possible to do this with a jetpack so feel free to contact us for more detailed information.  

    Installation is super simple, a couple self tapping screws, dicor lap sealant, and that’s it!  For the inside its even easier, just some 3m double sided tape and you’re set!

    You can set up this system to record motion and save to the cloud, or you can set it up just for a live view.  With it setup for live only, the batteries will last for 6 months at least.  If you want to record data and store it, then it should last for a few months depending on the sensitivity you set the motion to.

    Now the good parts!

    • See in stunning clarity and sharper details with HD cameras and watch live streamed or recorded videos from your computer, smartphone or tablet using Arlo’s free App
    • Patented 100% wire-free design and magnetic mounts let you discreetly place cameras where you want and monitor your home from every possible angle
    • Night vision cameras with HD clarity even in the dark
    • Motion activated cameras and customizable activity alerts provide real-time email or app notifications while home or away
    • Indoor/Outdoor weatherproof cameras install easily for DIY security so you can even monitor the exterior of your home

    We also paired Tenergy Rechargeable batteries with this setup so we don’t spend any more money on Cr2 batteries.

    Buy From Amazon Arlo Security System
    Buy From Amazon Security Mount for outside
    Buy From Amazon Tenergy rechargeable batteries and charger

  • Bon-Aire Industries Multi-use Shop Blower

    If you follow our blog you might know that we have two dogs.  One is a German Sheperd and the other is a black Labrador. Great dogs but boy do they SHED!  This purchase was one of those “Ah HAH!” moments as you walk the isles of Costco.

    Here’s how we use it in our every day lives.

    1. Use it to blow our all the dust / dirt / rocks from the garage in our toy hauler.
    1. After giving the dogs a bath and a quick towel dry, we can literally blow dry them with this and have them dry in minutes. Which is nice, since we don’t want them to come back into the RV damp.
    1. BEST of all though, is you can use this to blow debris off the top of your RV slides without having to try and sweep it off. This blower has PLENTY of power to blow anything off the top of your RV if its needed.

    Or you can do what we do and open the back of the trailer and blow from one side of the rv to the outside and no more dog hair!


    • Compact
    • High air output
    • Can be used in multiple scenarios


    • Comes with a very short cord to plug in (Extension cord needed)
    • Loud

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  • Coleman Grill and Accessories

    When shopping around for a grill there’s more than a lot of options.. Charcoal, Propane, Smokers, Hybrids, and even solar grills.  It can be more than overwhelming, but thankfully we finally figured out what works best for us.  Enter the Coleman LXX Grill, it collapses down so it doesn’t take up much space and we can even fit it in our pass through.  But it offers enough cooking space on the grill itself to cook  either a dozen hamburgers or five steaks.

    Another feature we liked was the hide-away side tables that the grill has.  So if you need a place to put your cutting board / plates you can do so on either side.  If you don’t need them just simply leave them tucked under the grill and you’re good to go.  The base itself is very sturdy as well, we had a wind storm come through while the grill was still outside and it handled 20mph winds without a single tip over.  That part actually surprised me, because once I remembered the brand new grill was outside in horrible wind I expected to see it dented on its side.  Thankfully that didn’t happen!

    We also purchased a half griddle to swap out part of the grates on the grill for any of our breakfast needs.  It’s surprisingly heavy though.  Definitely not a cheap piece of metal.

    Paired with the BBQ Tool set we got we are more than happy with these purchases.  The tool set which includes 16 items for just about everything you can think of is really easy to clean and simply tucks away back inside the case.   So you can easily get to any of your tools at any time without searching through drawer after drawer trying to find your skewers or corn holders.

    Buy From Amazon Coleman Grill

    • Swaptop interchangeable cooktops for more meal options (griddle, full size griddle and stove grates sold separately)
    • In start ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
    • Perfect Flow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
    • Collapsible stand with wheels folds for compact storage and easy transport
    • Stainless steel sliding side tables keep tools and ingredients handy and slide out of the way for compact storage
    • The only grill you need: mix and match grill, griddle & stove grates (accessories sold separately).
    • 22,000 BTUs of fully-adjustable cooking power with an extra-large cooking surface
    • Porcelain-coated grill surfaces and brushed stainless-steel table inserts, so it’s durable and easy to clean
    • Legs & wheels fold up for easy packing & transport, tables have a white plastic sheet for protection which needs to be peeled off
    • Easy, InstaStart matchless lighting

    Buy From Amazon Propane hose and attachment

    • Connects appliance to refillable propane cylinders
    • Hand-tighten counterclockwise

    Buy From Amazon Griddle

    • Swaptop RoadTrip compatible (stove grate, aluminum grill grate, cast iron grill grate, aluminum griddle, full size griddle sold separately)
    • Spacious 142 sq. in. cooking area
    • Durable, porcelain-coated cast iron construction is easy to clean
    • Fits Coleman RoadTrip Grills

    Buy From Amazon BBQ Tools

    • STAINLESS STEEL QUALITY – Won’t rust! Won’t crack like wood handles do. Easy to clean.
    • A COMPLETE KIT-Swiss knife spatula,power tongs,basting brush,cleaning brush,corn holders and skewers
    • SUPER STRONG and DURABLE – Sturdy construction. Elongated handles keep your hands safe from the heat
    • GREAT GIFT – Perfect birthday present for father day. Cool unique Christmas idea for men dad or him
  • DirectTV Now

    We contemplated getting a satellite dish for our rig so we could watch regular TV when we wanted to but at the same time was worried about the cost, weight, and setup time.   Then even if you did all that but parked in a spot with trees you might not even get signal.  Needless to say that option wasn’t plausible for us.  So when Direct TV offered DirectTVNow we hopped on board immediately!

    When the intro pricing came out you could lock into the top plan for $35 dollars a month and if you prepaid for 3 months you received a free Apple TV.  Having just installed our TV in the garage I figured why not!?

    While DirectTVNow isn’t accessible via Smart TV / TV in general if you own any of the following devices you can get it to work on your TV and not just your laptop.

    (Amazon Fire TV | Apple TV (4th generation | Chromecast Built-in TV )

    The first few months Direct TV has had issues as any new service might.  Whether its freezing channels or working out the kinks with broadcasting companies.  It’s pretty smooth now though and we love it!  You can view a channel guide to see what’s currently on TV or go through and see what TV shows have all their episodes on the service to watch at any time.

    We paired this with our Unlimited Verizon Jetpack and the service works amazing.  (Although Laura does make me watch the Bachelor / Bachelorette every Monday now…)

    We don’t have an affiliation with DirectTV we just enjoy their product.

    DirectTV Now

  • Dremel 4000 Kit

    Living in an RV you generally need a vast array of tools just for those random fixes you never expected to need to.. well fix!  I had been eyeing a dremel for a couple years but never needed one for projects around the house as I had other, bigger tools that could do the job usually.  But living in an RV where weight matters and so does storage, I couldn’t bring those tools with us.

    Where this turns funny is the reason we bought the Dremel was because of our dogs.  Random I know right?  But as any person with a dog knows, you need to clip / trim their nails every so often so they don’t fracture and cause an issue worthy of an expensive vet bill.  I was tired of paying 15-20 dollars at Petsmart every couple months per dog just to get this taken care of.  So I had seen at Petsmart these little underpowered rotary sanders for your dogs nails and even bought one.  Needless to say it was in the trash the next week with me being very disappointed in its performance.

    One stop shop on Amazon and we had a brand new Dremel in our RV two days later.  (Thanks Amazon Prime!)  While Laura was a little hesitant to Dremel our dogs nails I figured it couldn’t be that hard.  Surprisingly it wasn’t bad at all, the dogs didn’t mind it and it worked FLAWLESSLY.  Turned it up half way and within 10 minutes both dogs were taken care of and no trips to Petsmart ever again.

    That’s just for the dogs!  Let alone all the other random tooling needs that we have used this for around the RV.  Whether it’s to quickly sand something down, trim a piece of material to fit in a spot better, or just sharpening knives with it (Haven’t done that last one but I’m intrigued!)

    • Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM; easy-to-understand speed dial features
    • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
    • Includes 30 Dremel accessories and 2 Dremel attachments
    • 360-degree grip zone for control in any position
    • Carrying case included

    Buy From Amazon Dremel Kit

  • EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    This is one of those products you hope you NEVER hear alarm.  Thankfully it works flawlessly, we always use ours and it proved invaluable as we drove through Oregon and got a puncture in a tire.  We had been dodging semi truck chains that had fallen off, until we had no choice but to hit one.  It stuck into one of our trailer tires and shortly after we heard the alarm sound.  Because you can customize your PSI limits we knew with plenty of time to find a safe spot to pull over and out of traffic.  Worth EVERY penny for the piece of mind this gives.  Plus it will help you monitor the temperature of each tire and prevent blow outs as well.

    It comes with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to have another wire running around your truck cab.

    • Monitor Features
    • Reliable and easy to install, Large LCD screen. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    • Automatic backlight.
    • Monitors up to 22 tires maximum.
    • Configurable high/low pressure and tempature warnings.
    • Long range between sensors and monitor.
    • Visible and audible alerts.
    • Selectable pressure units.

    Buy From Amazon EezTire 4 wheel setup
    Buy From Amazon EezTire 6 wheel setup

  • Irwin Tools Wrap Bag

    Whether you are a handy man at heart or new to fixing mechanical issues, this wrap bag has just about everything you’ll need in terms of pliers and wrenches.

    I’ve used just about every tool in this bag over a dozen times now for so many random things.

    Not only is the bag wrap heavy duty, but so are the tools.  Adjustable wrenches and different assortments of pliers can fix almost any problem big or small.  From opening stuck jars of food, to electrical work with the wire cutters, to opening stuck sewer dumps with the adjustable wrenches, this tool wrap bag is worth having.

    Buy From Amazon Wrap Bag 1
    Buy From Amazon Wrap Bag 2

  • MorRyde Electrical Cord Reel

    While the MorRyde Reel is a bit on the expensive side its absolutely worth it.  We installed this after a month of traveling around and just the ease we pack the heavy electrical cord is beyond worth the expense.  You easily hook it on the inside reel and then just turn the lever and within 15 seconds you’re heavy electrical cord is packed away and neat..

    MorRyde also built this thing to be tough and heavy duty. This reel will last for years easily without a single problem. So while its expensive it is worth every penny.

    • Neatly stores your 30 Amp or 50 Amp power cord
    • Uses a small footprint, freeing up valuable storage space
    • Smooth, easy reel operation means no more strain
    • Installs easily with just four screws

    Buy From Amazon – MorRyde Reel

  • NiteCore TM16GT Tiny Monster 3600 Lumens Flashlight


    When it comes to flashlights I’m a bit of a snob, when I look for a good flashlight there’s certain criteria I aim for.

    • First and foremost is durability.  This flashlight is made out of an aluminum alloy but super strong.. I’ve dropped mine 40 ft from the top of a cavern onto a rock and its still solid with no problems.
    • Second is light output. Now with a flashlight this powerful I don’t always want the super bright beam.  So its nice I can select from 5 different modes of brightness for just the right light in the right setting..
    • Lastly is battery life.  With these rechargeable batteries I can get hours of use out of them but at the same time charge them within an hour and they’re ready to go.

    Moral of the story is if you’re looking for a flashlight that can light up an area for backing your RV into or just for hiking on trails this is it..


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  • Nutri Ninja Mega 1500 Watts Kitchen System

    We absolutely love this machine. We try to eat healthy, but sometimes there’s only so many eggs and spinach you can eat. Our alternative is to use this as a smoothie maker, food processor, and of course a blender to vary the meals we can have.

    One cool feature is the smoothie option, where you literally set it and forget it. It does a countdown from 60 seconds on a pulse-type mode, making sure to slice and dice every bit so there’s not any chunks left over.

    While I haven’t made cookie dough in it as of yet (remember healthy eating or at least we try!) The smaller food processor part is equally awesome and useful.  Where we might make our own pesto or perhaps a soup.

    It runs at 1200 watts so make sure you turn off a fireplace if you have one so you don’t flip a breaker.

    • Ninja Auto-iQ Kitchen System with Auto-iQ Boost allowing you to truly customize your drink-making experience
    • Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction combines with Pro Extractor Blades Assembly to break down whole fruits and veggies for refreshing, full-bodied nutrient juices
    • High-Performance Blending combines with the blender’s powerful blades to crush through frozen ingredients and ice for cool smoothies and shakes
    • 72 oz. (64 oz. max liquid capacity) Blender Pitcher with Total Crushing Technology allows you to crush ice to snow in seconds
    • 40 oz. Blend & Prep Bowl for added versatility and functionality

    Buy From Amazon

  • Optoma HD26 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

    When we lived back in SoCal, we had this projector setup for our living room which used to take up a whole wall.  I figured it would be a great size screen (which it was at 85”) for a fraction of the price for a TV.  When we sold the house the logical assumption was well heck, why not bring it along?!

    So we did.

    You can’t imagine the looks we get from people in camp grounds as we set this up to do a movie night.  There’s nothing quite like being able to project a 100” screen onto the side of your RV while most people are opening up their outdoor TV cabinets trying to share a 40” screen.  Now I know what you’re thinking, but what about the graphics on the side of the rig?  Well honestly they don’t hinder the image quality at all, but we also did buy a projector screen and set it up with suction cups so we can just cover the side of the trailer and make it a movie theatre essentially.

    On your list of must haves for luxury camping this has got to be near the top.

    It doesn’t mean you need to spend as much as we did, but you might be thankful you did as those summer nights stay light later into the day.  With 3200 lumens we can easily watch the projector without too many problems.

    • Screen Size Range: 71-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet
    • Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens
    • Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1; Keystone Correction: Yes, Lens Shift: No
    • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp
    • Inputs: 2 x HDMI (1.4a 3D support) + MHL, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V trigger, 3D-Sync, USB service

    Buy From Amazon

  • Oxygenics Shower Head and Hose

    Showering in an RV can be somewhat depressing to say the least.  From the lack of decent water pressure to the shower head itself it’s not exactly ideal. Thankfully there are ways to fix those issues really easy!

    Oxygenics makes a variety of different shower head replacements that infuse air into the lines increasing water pressure and making it a more homely experience.  We went out on a limb and purchased one that at the time didn’t have many reviews but looked pretty cool.  Thankfully it worked out amazing!  We absolutely love our shower head, and even replaced the shower hose from a rubber fake type to a stainless steel line which is so much nicer.

    Buy From Amazon – Shower Head
    Buy From Amazon – Shower Hose

  • Phantom 4 Pro

    Quadcopters / Drones are one of those “toys” that fascinate everyone around you when you’re using them.  The drones of today are a lot easier to fly than those of just 4 years ago.  Not only can you get stunning images and video from 1080p – 4k and Hi-Def images.  But you can see things from such a different perspective it will just amaze you.

    Realistically they are very easy to fly but you should watch some YouTube channels before you even start it up.

    They can fly for around 25 minutes on each battery which at first is more than enough!  As your skill increases you’ll feel more comfortable going higher or farther than you ever thought possible.  While the FAA has made rules on drone flying its very simple to get your FAA tag and adhere to the rules.

    These days they have obstacle avoidance as well on drones so you can’t “easily” run them into solid objects!  Which when they cost around $1500 dollars can be a it scary…

    Thankfully DJI came out with an amazing program called DJI Care, for $169 you have a two unit replacement warranty with expedited shipping.  If you crash your drone and it breaks you can simply send it in and get a new unit sent back to you really quick.  Knowing that I feel a lot more at ease every time I take off for our next flying adventure.

    A small side note, I linked to a “Kit” for the Phantom 4 Pro as there are quite a few useful accessories that you would want including extra batteries.  There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to get the perfect shot and you run out of juice and don’t have another battery to pop in real quick to get it back in the air.

    Buy From Amazon – Phantom 4 Pro
    Buy From DJI – Phantom 4 Pro
    Buy From DJI – Care Refresh

  • RoofSeal Tape

    RoofSeal Tape is among those critical things you should NEVER venture out onto a roadtrip without.  You just simply never know when something might happen to your roof and it’s definitely not something you want to just stick some duct tape on.  While I’m sure that can work in a pinch do you really want to chance that?

    I’ve used this tape on numerous occasions when we had to relocate our cell booster from a location I “thought” was perfect to a more realistic spot.  Unfortunately I had drilled screws into the roof to secure the booster.  You can’t just throw some dicor self leveling goo to patch those types of things.  Or if you snagged a branch on the roof and it ripped into the material.  We all fear water damage in our RV’s and this tape creates an amazing seal / bond that just about nothing can get through.

    • Ideal for use in sunny environments
    • Simple installation only requires some surface preparation before use
    • The elongation factor is very high, which permits roof seal to expand or contract with changing conditions
    • Adhesive side has a silicone lining that prevents it from sticking to other surfaces before application
    • Size: 4″ x 50′

    Buy From Amazon – RoofSeal Tape

  • Round Pizza Baking Stone 14″ Diameter

    How many times have you used the RV oven and tried baking something, but burnt the ever living heck out of the bottom?  Well, I have good news for you!  This will eliminate 90% of your problems.

    It works under the same principles as it would if the pizza stone was in a smoker grill.  It absorbs the direct heat and lets it radiate throughout the oven instead of soaking right into whatever you might be cooking.

    We went from burning 9 out of 10 muffins to almost having no casualties now!  Which has resulted in muffins you can actually eat and not just use as a brick paperweight.


    • The bottoms of baked items are now safe
    • Can leave it and forget about it in the oven
    • Easy to clean

    Ideal for baking more than pizzas, including sandwiches, pizza, breads, toast, pastries and more

    • Uniformly bakes with a crispier crust than most ordinary pizza stones
    • Stone is non-absorbent and naturally stick-resistant
    • Durable surface resists odors, stains and scratches
    • Also available in 10 1/4″ Rectangle sold on Amazon
    • 1400℉(800℃) resistance and strong thermal stability . High temperature resistance and excellent thermal stability.The stone is durable for years,which would not break under 1400℉(800℃) in normal use.

    Buy From Amazon


  • Solo Bonfire

    For those of you who love a good campfire (I mean who doesn’t?!) this has been a great addition to our family.  Yes, our family, we enjoy it that much.

    It’s made from a company called Solo Stove who perfected the art of making an efficient fire but also looking super sleek!  It’s made from 304 Stainless Steel and has a beautiful finish on it.

    The way they engineered the Solo Bonfire is also pretty unique.  “The Bonfire is designed with a double wall to maximize the airflow of the burning process. The bottom holes allow oxygen to the feed the fire from below while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove. This burst of preheated oxygen feeding back into the fire through the top holes causes a secondary combustion that results in a cleaner and more complete burn. “

    So what that means in layman’s terms is this fire pretty much starts itself and keeps it going with very little work from an actual human being.

    It’s really easy to clean out, has a heavy duty carrying bag that it fits in really easily, and looks better than 99% of your neighbors’ fire pits!  Win win all around.


  • Water Alarm Meter

    One of the scariest things about traveling around in an RV is water damage.  You never know when it’s going to happen, but it will happen at some point.  Whether its from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or even at the area where you plug in your hose into the rig.

    But you can be preventative and not just reactive, I’ve installed these meters all over our rig.  Anywhere we have a sink, or water running through for the most part has a sensor near it.  It’s how we figured out our bathroom sink had a leak from a loose line before it flooded our bathroom.

    For the price of these meters and the piece of mind you get knowing you don’t have to put Plexiglas on every door to see if its leaking inside or manually checking all the time this is a no brainer!  They’re loud too, you definitely won’t miss them going off.

    • Alarm: 85dB at 10 ft
    • Battery: 1-9V per alarm (included)
    • Shock resistance: up to 3ft drop on concrete
    • Operating conditions: 32-120 degrees F, 80% RH and Storage temp: -20 to 150 degrees
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited

    Buy From Amazon – Water Alarm 3 Pack/a>

  • Water Meter

    We like to boondock, who doesn’t? Some don’t I suppose…but for those who do its vital to make sure our tanks are as full as possible with fresh water. If you have a 50gal tank or a 150gal tank you probably want it topped off before you leave for your adventure. I know we have “sensors” and overflows and that’s how we assume its full. But in reality you might just barely be above that sensor as things haven’t equalized in your tanks yet.

    That’s why we bought this water meter, it lets us track exactly how much goes into our rig before we head out. If we only want 50 gallons or as little as 10 gallons to get us through a Walmart boondock stop for the night. Sometimes sensors fail, tanks don’t equalize as fast as we think they do, or you just want to verify exactly how much water is going in for weight reasons. In those cases that’s where this item is invaluable.

    You do need to go to home depot though and get two adapters, from 1 inch to ¾ hose threaded adapter. They cost about .80cents and every home depot / lowes should have them.

    Buy From Amazon – Water Meter

  • Weboost OTR-X

    There’s a few cell boosters out there in the world, but even Technomadia agrees that WeBboost OTR-X is the best on the market currently.  We’ve tested the throughput with the booster off and then on and was thoroughly impressed.  The metrics don’t lie, we saw a huge increase in throughput from our testing.  We mounted ours to the side of our AC units as to not increase the overall height of our rig.

    So not only does it increase the availability of cell coverage but also the amount of data you can get.

    • WEBOOST’S STRONGEST 4G VEHICLE BOOSTER SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS – Now included with Wilson Electronics 4G OTR Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna. Also ideal for RV’s and Pickup Trucks.
    • BOOSTS CELL SIGNALS UP TO 32X – Enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals for everyone in the vehicle.
    • BETTER VOICE AND DATA – Get fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster uploads and downloads.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL US NETWORKS – Works on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more.
    • 3-WAY MOUNT INCLUDED IN KIT – Mounts to horizontal and vertical bars up to 1″ diameter or to surface of vehicle.

    Buy From Amazon – WeBoost OTR-X

  • Z-Edge Z3 3-Inch 2K Ultra Full HD Car Dash Cam

    This is a new addition to our truck electronics setup, but possibly one of our most important.  We’ve all been there when someone cuts us off, but in some states, if you rear end you’re at fault.  This lovely device will save your butt!  It works beautifully, overwrites files as it gets full, and has a great image that you can actually watch and use if needed.


    • Small size
    • Comes with long usb cord so you can tuck it away in trim to hide from view
    • Comes with a 32GB micro SD card so you don’t have to buy one


    • Small lithium battery (But its normally plugged in anyways)

    If you’re on the road like we are, then you shouldn’t leave home without one.  Your wallet will thank you if insurance gets involved!

    • Voted best 2016 dash cam by Wirecutter – Super HD dashboard camera focusing on great image quality and reliable, automatic operation each time you get in your car – thousands recording with this top rated windshield camera that avoids pricey, unnecessary features such as GPS and Wi-Fi
    • ULTRA 2K HD IMAGE QUALITY: Record every moment in exceptional 2560 X 1080p super HD resolution at 30 frames per second (the current maximum available in consumer dash cams) – broad 145-degree field of view (FOV), offering useful details when you zoom-in with minimal fisheye image distortion
    • Automatic Safeguards: Records automatically during vehicle ignition – switches off automatically with ignition off – energy saving LCD screen off timer – loop recording feature for efficient storage management – manual and automatic video protection from deletion – in-built G-sensor / accelerometer triggers crash detection recording – parking mode watchdog for 24/7 surveillance of your vehicle
    • Never Miss a License Plate: Featuring best-in-class color CMOS image sensor and processor to capture details at a distance crisply and across a variety of light conditions – 3.0-inch scratch resistant LCD display screen – USB and battery power for reliable performance in hot and freezing conditions that ordinarily impacts pure battery power
    • Now 32GB Kingston SD memory card inside every pack – solid suction mount with screw-in attachment, fully adjustable for best viewing and quickly removable – extra long 157-inch USB cable for easy routing inside your vehicle’s interior – dual port USB adapter – 30 days money back guarantee – 18 month warranty – lifetime support

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